About Us


Q: Is this site affiliated with GearSlutz.com?
A: No, but we like that site and think it is a great resource for music professionals. If you check the domain registrations you'll see that we actually had our domain name first and had our website up first. The name has its roots in the colloquial term used by Roger Nichols in one of his columns for EQ Magazine to describe people who love professional audio gear and other gadgets of all kinds.


Q: Are you trying to trick me or is this site some kind of a scam?
A: No, we have been in business since 2003. We use PayPal, the world's most anal payment processor as our only method of payment. Our SSL certificate is issued through GoDaddy. We wouldn't still be around if we weren't a totally legitimate business.

We are the GearSlut nation - the not-so-few, the not-so-proud-as-your-brother, free to design, build, customize, modify, upgrade and restore our own pro audio gear at will. Liberated from the digitized, sampled, quantized, homogenized, sanitized sounds of the present. Free to pursue music as it should be, free and uninhibited by the codec du jour. Take a look around. Buy something if you like. But most of all, create something of value for future generations to appreciate.